Benefits of Encryption

Encryption is a very essential part of modern day computers and as a normal person who has loads of personal data stored in your computer; you need to get your hands on proper encryption software for yourself. There are many companies out their varying from country to country that provide quality encryption softwares hence finding good software would not be that difficult for you. We have many online shopping portals as well from where these softwares can easily be purchased from. Listing the technical working of encryption software would not be easy here. The basic purpose behind this article is to list some benefits of Encryption and these benefits are discussed in the headings below

The first benefit is more psychological in nature and we have named this benefit as peace. Due to encryption your mind is free of worries and even if your computer gets lost or stolen still you are not worried at all as you know that all your data is safe and sound. Your mind is at peace and you are stress free due to the installation of encryption software in your computer. Nobody has the power to enter your computer without your authorization and permission.

Prevention of Theft
The biggest damage which you can suffer in case you have not encrypted your files is identity theft and this theft is best prevented through the encryption software. According to one survey which was held back in the year 2003 by the Identity Theft Resource Center gave the following insights
– The victims who are able to identify the theft were only 15% and this theft was also identified once action of proactive nature was taken by their companies
– The resolution of identity theft took the victims 330 hours
– About 73% of the respondents reported that the nature of the crime involved the culprit obtaining a credit card
– The damage and psychological impact of the cybercrime was similar to a violent crime
The points mentioned above have been listed to make the readers understand the importance of encryption
The pre-boot password authentication is the method which is the most preferable as far as protection of data is concerned. The method is very fast and is provided by the whole disk encryption. Unauthorized access becomes impossibility through the implementation of this method.
The data protection commissioner personally recommends the utilization of whole disk encryption. Using this encryption actually means that you have followed the acts of data protection (2003 and 1998)

Some other benefits
Apart from the above mentioned benefits there are many other benefits as well, which are listed as follows
– Encryption is a source of protection as far as multiple devices are concerned
– A user can move data with utmost security
– The integrity is maintained at all cost
If your files in the computer are not encrypted then you are running a great risk. Within seconds anyone can steal or damage your precious data.
Purchase the encryption software at the earliest!