Get to make a Casino Malaysia from nothing

Contrary to what many players suppose, being able to create a Casino Malaysia starting from 0 is totally possible when you start playing poker, but it goes without saying that as long as we fully respect strict discipline in the game.

For this, the first thing we must do, apart from opening an account in a poker room, is to search the lobby for freerolls (free tournaments with real money prizes), and register immediately.

Once you have played a freeroll and managed to win prizes, from here on we can consider doing this challenge, since we have a minimum bankroll to be able to play in cash tables or low buy-in tournaments.

If we choose to play in cash, of course we must start at micro-limit or low-limit tables, always depending on what we have managed to win in the previous free. Starting from here, we will begin to play, for example, in Texas Hold’em NL cash tables at a maximum level of $0.01/$0.02. In this case, if we maintain 100% discipline, it is totally guaranteed that we will win and increase the bank in a matter of a few sessions.

Apart from the more novice players who are starting with the game for real money, this will mean getting a very good practice for when you have to play at medium or high limits.

One of the things that we must be aware of is that during the game period with the challenge, we must not abuse bluffs or semi-bluffs, just as we must play only when we have very good hands and from the most optimal positions. Premium hands if possible better, like AA-KK-QQ-JJ-Ak-AQ… and pairs as long as the hand arrives clean.

When we are going to play Limit poker, position is not so important to take into account, since an opponent who plays after us will raise only if he has a strong hand.

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The interest of users for free online games and specifically for poker, is growing day by day significantly. According to data from pokergratis.es, in the last year, the number of users who prefer to play poker for free and over the Internet has increased significantly.

Pokergratis.es was launched a year ago and since then its audience has not stopped growing. Today it has approximately 800 daily registrations and more than 250,000 members who enjoy poker every day for free and without the need for downloads. These numbers have made pokergratis.es the largest free poker community in the Hispanic market.

Pokergratis.es is the first free online poker platform in Spanish and offers free poker for everyone and without the need to download poker. Players who visit the site have access to an unmatched experience where the passion and pleasure of playing poker is the watchword.

For the most part, the public of pokergratis.es are players who seek not to lose money playing in the payment sites of the sector. On the other hand, these same players will be able, in the near future, to play for real money in online poker rooms thanks to the experience and knowledge acquired with the tools provided by this platform.

In addition to allowing members to learn and play poker for free, Pokergratis.es offers users an application through which they can ask poker learning expert Álex “10” Martínez questions live.

Through Live Chat, Álex “10” Martínez provides personalized attention to each member of the site. Álex is a poker expert who leads the community and is the visible head of it.

Regularly, Pokergratis.es organizes free poker tournaments called Freerolls together with its partner rooms. These tournaments allow players who want to play and win real money to participate for free and win real money prizes in tournament poker.

These tournaments are the best way to win money without risk and gain the confidence to continue playing poker. Pokergratis.es follows a learning model that consists of training the poker player step by step, answering their questions and inviting them to participate in tournaments once the player is confident enough. This is achieved through the tools that the free platform has.

The profile of the Pokergratis.es audience is that of beginner players who, thanks to the site, acquire the necessary experience and confidence for the game. This is the perfect audience for online gaming operators who can find in this poker community potential customers for their online poker rooms, who knows, the professional players of the future.

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